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Behold the massive sound that is Valtozash, Australia’s first jazz-metal big band. It’s a seventeen-piece thrash against your jazz-bone; it’s a jab in the eye with a sopranino saxophone; a punch in the jaws with a 24” trash cymbal. Your genre-bone will snap; your teeth will hurt; your ears will bleed with delight; your heart will fraternise with a bass drum; you’ll crave trumpet for breakfast. You’ll try your hardest to like Valtozash, realise you hate it passionately but keep listening because you hate everything else slightly less. The harmony, texture and improvisation of jazz mixed with the energy and brutality of metal comes together to create a filthy love child you can’t help but adore.
Under the oppression of Andre Bonetti, composer and electric-vibraphonist, Valtozash has among the hottest players in Brisbane and boasts a thirteen piece horn section.

“Volume is not compromised, as the sound of trombones, trumpets and sax crash against the walls and test the acoustics. It’s clearly metal jazz, firing on all cylinders, Valtozash not letting genres act as a boundary to their sound.”
       -Scenestr Magazine

"…make it feel like merely a breeze, regardless of how dense and recherché their compositions truly are. It sounds like heavy, pounding jazz with interminable interweaving soli and confounding riffs, or themes.”
       - Can This Even Be Called Music

“...a style which is loud, strong, totally unapologetic and demands to be heard.”
      -Alan Western, the Brisbane Jazz Club




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EMAIL: valtozash =at symbol= gmail =dot= com
PHONE: oh fore oh faive, fore tree tree, fore seeks fore
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